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GE Series

40m3 All-Electric Drive Grab Dredger

On GE Series, the dredger has no engine in it. It is an all-electric grab
dredger driven by the electricity to be supplied from the vessel. The
machinery room of this hybrid crane is clean and eco-friendly and it
achieves a better operation performance by inverter control system.
Its economical running cost is one of the biggest appeals too. GE Series
is used not only for dredging work but also rock breaking work with
free fall operation and disc brake as GDT-K series.
*Not on the product catalogue, but producible in accordance with
  customer's request.

Pile Driving Device(SKK-11000DT-L)

This is the equipment of the pile driver working with leader
frames & more  drums. It is used for pile & sheet-pile driving
work on marine constructions. Accurate work with long piles
as well as inclined piles can be carried out too and its work
efficiency becomes much better by using full-slewing function.

Belt Conveyor Unloader Device(SKK-CS2600)

This is the Belt Conveyor Unloader with slewing structure.
It works for many reclamation projects and other marine
constrction works.

Pile Driving Leader Device(SKK-RGP1600)

This is the Multiple Pile Positioning Equipment. For its high
accuracy, it was actively used for the runway expansion
work of HANEDA International Airport.