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DT-K Series

Hoisting Capacity From 200T to 700T Full Line Up Exercising Might Over Multi-Purposes Work
The cranes of this series are developed based on the main concept that they are large scaled marine cranes for multi-purposes work with advanced working performance and economical benefit. The hoisting equipment of the crane is driven by an Omega Drive, and slewing, jib luffing and the third drum driven by hydraulic system. With the multiple driving systems, under the severe working condition on the sea it works safely playing its excellent performance. And more, built in the Omega Drive, is the transmission with reversing brake developed by our company individually which controlled by the electronic control system makes the operation of load lowering and lifting greatly improved. Numbers of additional equipment such as general service hook with hook pocket, grab bucket, pile driving equipment etc. can be attached to the crane to display full power over all respects of marine construction work.