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The Domestic Largest Line Pull Capacity 160T
Omega Drive Type Grab Dredger

  The dredgers of this series are developed based on the main
concept that they are used both as grab dredgers and large
scaled marine cranes.
  The dredger is equipped with an economical diesel engine of
large output and an Omega Drive of large capacity, and slewing,
jib luffing and the third drum are driven by hydraulic system.
It is used not only for dredging work with a grab, but also for
rock breaking work, load lifting work, laying down the  fish
gathering block etc. In various marine construction work as well. Especially the flat dredging control
system, rock breaking controled by disk brake device, automatic braking control device for grab opening,
dredging engineering control system etc. Which are innovated and developed by our company individually,
and with these advanced technology we have run far ahead over other companies,that ensures high
accuracy, high efficiency for carrying out various marine construction work.

Flat Dredging Control System

 In formaer "Sizing dredging control systems" dredging work,the grab bucket cannot but leave leftovers at the
center of ground. To avoid such leftovers, we have studied disc brake and flat dredging controller and managed
to make "Flat dredging control system" to practical use.
 The "flat dredging control system" sets grab bucket stop at a present depth by speed reducer and stop
controller. Then it switches to flat derdging mode automatically.
 After switching to flat dredging mode, it starts closing the grab bucket, pushing down the position of bucket
gradually with precise timing and makes ground as flat as possible.
 Furthermore, buy adding controllership function of sea level, heel and trim, it enhances quality and efficiency
of dredging work.

GPS Control System

RTK-GPS Dredging Engineering Control System
With high precision data of barge position and correction, it always keeps dredging
position close to the planned water depth to minimize preliminary dredging.
○Grab dredging track indication
Each time a grab bucket hits the ground, by detecting length of holding rope in increments of 10cm, it
indicates grab position and dredging depth by color code.
○Hull position indication
By carrying out two-frequencies RTK  operation, using transmitted data from coastal reference stations to a
barge through data link and GPS signal received on the barge, it indicates accurate location of the barge
and its direction.
○Seabed topography sonar
The sonar device indicates seabed topography by operating its submarine scan control in any direction.
○Management of tide level
Highly accurate tide level data from the onshore sensor is transmitted to a barge to be used as corrected
information data for dredging.
○Management of heel
The heel trim sensor uses the inclination angle of barge as correction data for  dredging.